At Soft Paddle Ontario, you will discover the hidden oasis of rejuvenation, right in your own backyard.

Trips are soft on you because you sleep in the comfort of a warm bed. They are ‘soft’ on your wallet and on the planet because you don’t leave much of a carbon footprint.

You paddle, swim and hike semi wilderness areas right in the heart of cities, close and accessible to the subway, GO trains, streetcars, regional buses, biking or by simply walking to the sites.

There’s no need to burn up fossil fuels or to venture hundreds of miles to cottage country to reach green spaces and countryside or wilderness.

We cater to urban dwellers – of all ages, who may or may not own a car. While you may want the convenience of your automobile, there’s is often no need to bring your car along. Simply pack appropriate clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, water, some protein snacks, a pair of water resistant shoes and you’re all set. Kayaks, paddles’ gear and flotation devices are made available for you.

Canada has more fresh water than any other nation. So rest assured that solitude, peace and a quiet escape are not far away.

For more info on pricing or to book an excursion please call 416-871-1677

“Where city meets wilderness...”