The participants of Soft Paddle Ontario become ‘members’ by association.

Membership allows you special benefits, including reduced rates and access to shared supplies and resources. One perk of membership is being rewarded for car pooling or transporting other members to the ‘put in’ spot as well as offering to shuttle passengers or kayaks to the docks and back home. For select members in good standing, there are also ‘turnkey’ setups where you can plan your own expedition using our resources without guides coming along.

As members, you exchange Canadian currency for Kayak Certificates, in denominations of $20, $40 and $100. Once you have purchased app. 50% of the full cost of the trip in certificates, good for any trip we arrange – then we go to work for you to customize the trip.
(See the button titled “What’s in a plan?”)

Bearers of the Soft Paddle Ontario Kayak Certificates can redeem the notes for up to one year of purchase on any trip being organized by Soft Paddle Ontario. This is also your guarantee against cancellation or post-ponement of events due to inclement weather.

As members, all participants are required to sign waivers that dissolve Soft Paddle Ontario of any liability while out on the water. Out of province certificates are good for destinations in Quebec, BC, Washington State, Oregon, Florida and elsewhere. These require a $200 – $300 advance purchase of kayak certificates.

*The minimum purchase is $100 plus GST, for 5 certificates of $20.