You may be wondering, so what’s in a plan? If you’re thinking of utilizing us for an overnight excursion outside of the GTA, here’s what you need to know in advance:

  1. Initial Interview
    First, we take the time to discover where it is in our itinerary of places you want to travel to that we have experience with. We can offer some suggestions for you based on your budget, the season, time availability or your experience level. Then we take the time to discover what your interests are, and whether you have any specific travel sites that you would like us to include in your itinerary, such as wineries, historical sites, beaches, cultural or “naturist” spots, etc. Third, you let us know when you would like to travel, the parties you’re bringing along, if any, and in what style: budget, affordable, three star, or higher, etc.. and the process swings into “a plan of action”.

  2. Costs
    You are only responsible for purchasing 50% of the trip costs in Kayak certificates prior to the trip, while a ‘complete quote’ including all anticipated costs are outlined. This is your guarantee that we will work to get you the best travel value for the money allotted. If a trip is cancelled, those dollars get attributed to another trip of your choosing for up to one year of your initial purchase. The remaining costs – usually an additional 30% – 40%, will be billed to you and are payable within 30 days of the 1st day of your trip.
    Please note: Flights, if required, are not budgeted into the final quote due to sweeping fluctuations in flight costs from day to day and airline to airline.

  3. Drafting an itinerary and ‘costing’ the trip.
    With our personal planning experience, along with our network of trusted and established travel and hospitality professionals, we will get to work on constructing a draft itinerary for you, along with a ‘ball-park’ price for your package. By arranging to transport or shuttle passengers or kayaks, or to provide other services, such as shopping or cooking, you can earn reward certificates, in denominations of $20 or $40 which can be applied to the cost of your trip or towards a future trip with Soft Paddle Ontario.

  4. Payment
    Once you have had a chance to review the itinerary, and how we can help to simplify and enhance your kayaking trip, you can decide whether you would like us to finalize the the trip for you or to make any additional changes. Upon finalization, your kayak certificates are mailed to you, in exchange for 50% payment, paid in cash, cheque or by Paypal.

  5. Fine Tuning
    Once we have received your 50% commitment, paid in kayak certificates, which are good one year from the point of purchase if the trip is cancelled for whatever reason, we will be in communication with you until all the planning elements are in place. Once you are satisfied with the trip plans, you simply ‘sign off’ on the terms of agreement, solidifying the details of the trip.

  6. Kayak Certificates
    Your kayak certificates go towards underwriting the cost of the following: your accommodation, meals, kayak shuttles, taxis, housekeeping, insurance, kayak and equipment rentals, private kayak lessons, cardio kayak, miscellaneous costs such as cell phone or internet use, etc.

  7. Pre-Departure Materials
    You will receive a complete package of pre-departure materials, on a set date from our initial conversation, including details for the region, what to bring, from bug spray to passports if required, and background information about your destination.

  8. Final Payment
    The second and final payment instalment for your trip becomes due 30 days from the 1st day of your trip. Late payment of these agreed upon terms may jeopardize any future trip plans.

  9. Guide Availability
    Requesting a certain guide is allowed, however depending on the availability of guides, and the advance time allotted that individual may not be available.

  10. “Rain-cheques”
    Refunds for ‘bad weather’ can be arranged on a case by case scenario, if a trip needs to be cancelled because of inclement weather. Usually however you simply hold onto the kayak certificates and redeem them on a ‘make up’ date for a similar trip.